Lifetime PVC-U Tilt & Turn Windows

Inward opening tilt and turn PVC-U windows can be tilted for effective ventilation and turned for ease of cleaning from the inside.
The large sash and glass sizes of this style enable flexibility in design and creation of screens with large glazed areas adding impact to any property.
Made from energy-efficient materials, they will also help to keep you warm and your heating bills low.

Why choose Lifetime Tilt & Turn Windows?

Our aim has always been to create a variety of windows that satisfy your needs, whatever they may be. With Lifetime Tilt & Turn Windows, you can enjoy these striking benefits:

  • Available in modern uPVC manufactured to the highest quality, so they won’t rot, rust, peel or flake
  • Dual-purpose – your windows can be tilted and opened in a variety of ways
  • Tilt restrictor giving secure ventilation for complete peace of mind
  • Easy cleaning - window can swing inwards, enabling easy cleaning of the outer glass pane without having to step outside
  • Enhanced security with multi-point locking system to keep your home secure
  • Great variety through a range of both one and two colour finishes, so you can have a different colour on the inside of your window to match your home
  • Industry leading guarantees to protect your windows over time
  • Made to measure for a perfect fit - our tolerance for gaps is far less than other suppliers, so we use a uPVC trim around the edge of the windows for a neater finish


Double Glazing rating


Triple Glazing rating

Not available in triple


5 in frame, 4 in sash

Gap between panes (mm)


Low iron outer glass

A low iron outer glass is used to increase clarity

Low E internal glass

Internal glass with a low E value reflects heat back into the room

Weather resistant seal

This window features weather resistant double Qlon seals

Weather drip



Scissor-hinge tilts window inwards for ventilation. Optional tilt restrictor holds
the tiltled window in one of four ventilation positions; Trickle ventilation (optional)